The story

It all began back in 1981 when the good folk of Reykjavík, Iceland still thought fish and chips was exotic foreign food. Along came Tómas Tómasson, or Tommi as we know him, and taught them to worship a new kind of sustenance: the mighty burger.

After falling in love with burgers as a student in the US, he returned home, ready to elevate the burger to its rightful place as man’s must-have food. And so, driven by a true passion, he opened Iceland’s first fast-food chain and quickly became one of the main cool cats of Iceland’s restaurant scene, running more new restaurants in the years that followed.

The king of burgers has had some detours. He’s even gone off the grid. But just like a proper rock star, he rose from the ashes and created a comeback hit — Tommi’s Burger Joint. The idea was born in Buenos Aires, where Tommi went to learn tango (yep, true story). He returned home to spread the burger gospel and opened the first joint in Reykjavík in 2004, the rest is history.

  • The Vibe

    There’s no need to dress up, but it’s totally fine if you do. We don’t discriminate and we’ll always welcome you with a smile. We’re proudly rough around the edges and strongly believe that good music and relaxed atmophere makes a great burger taste even better.

  • The burger

    Each part of the burger coming together is what makes it such a slam-dunk. Perfectly grilled meat. The soft warm bun. The fresh veggies. The sauce and the simply glorious combination of great food and fast service. We only use top-quality meat from grass-fed cattle, bake our buns daily, and put those good greens in from fresh supply. The result is a simple, yet gloriously satisfying, classic burger.