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Road-tripping in South Iceland and need a little pick-me-up? Then park your pick-up outside Tommi’s Burger Joint in Selfoss and tank up on tasty burgers. And, if you’re lucky enough to live in Selfoss, we deliver all this deliciousness right to your doorstep.

Eyravegur 32, 800 Selfoss
All week: 11.30am-9pm

Feeding the masses

You can order a bunch of burgers for your event or hungry workers if you want to feed people in an easy way. And if you’re ordering so many burgers you can’t pick them up yourself, then we’ve got you covered. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll deliver.


Home Delivery

If you live in the Selfoss area, you can order and we deliver to you!

Call and order: +354 511 0800


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